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Chesapeake Smart Homes is an electronic design, consulting, and integration firm. The emphasis from our perspective needs to be placed on design and consulting. Most clients do not know what they want in their new home, and are in no position to evaluate bids. All too often, as is the case with electrical and mechanical work in residences, there is no complete specification for contractors to bid. Without clear written specifications, the builder chooses a contractor based on their bid, but the customer has no idea what corners are being cut and has no opportunity to be involved in the process of making sure that they know what their options are. When it comes to something as personal and confusing as an automated home this is a huge problem.

We believe that our role is first one of educating the client so that they are able to make the proper choices to meet their requirements. These jobs invariably evolve as the client becomes more knowledgeable and fine tunes the installation to better meet his/her needs. When a client signs a contract with Chesapeake Smart Homes, they are under no ongoing obligation to continue to work with us, only to pay for services that have been rendered. It is imperative that before entering into an agreement that clients see homes that are appropriate as this gives us a basis for meaningful discussion while designing their system. This helps the client speak the same language as the designer they are working with.

Once we have completed an initial design the client owns the design and is free to use this specification if they wish to bid the job. Should the client wish to move forward with CSH, we develop a budget, monitor the budget, and provide cost to complete analyses as the scope of the project changes. At anytime, the client is free to change providers, we just expect to be paid for the services performed to that point.

I feel that our way of doing business is superior since the client is ultimately in control and makes informed decisions along the way. It is the professional approach to this industry and has boded well for both Chesapeake Smart Homes and our clients.


Frank Depew

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