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What Do You Want?

When the final coat of paint is on the walls; when the movers are finally out; when the builder hands over the keys; there is only one person that is going to have to live with the decisions made during the construction process - YOU!

During every project there are changes that inevitably occur. In our industry, many of those changes are brought about by our clients not knowing what they want until after the project is underway. We have included a list of key questions that you may want to think about before and after our first meeting together. Getting together with all parties involved in decision making and agreeing on key aspects of your project will cut down change orders tremendously. Often, these decisions only take a short amount of time to conclude, but when you wait until the last moment it can put the project on hold or cause scheduling conflicts with subcontractors.

We want you to have a good experience and excited about the final results of your project. You can help make that possible by taking some time and pondering the following questions. During your first meeting with us, we can show you examples and colors.

Of course, not all decisions have to be made right away. For example, the color of the keypads may not be essential, but it is possible that the color you may really want is not avaible in all styles of keypads. So it may be important to have some idea of your colors.

All these things can be discussed with your project designer, so don't get overwhelmed :) We are here to help! This list is just to give you an idea of some things to think about.

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