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Total Home Technology using Crestron products is the solution Chesapeake Smart Homes uses for complete integration. Custom programming through our staff and programming partners allows us to create a specific environment for each client. Touch screens, remotes, and keypads allow for easy and fun control of the home’s different systems. Crestron has a solution and product available for all levels of home integration.


Projectiondesign manufactures high performance projectors. The Avielo series projector has an amazing picture with rock solid performance and build quality.


Runco displays and projectors are products that offer the latest in video technology and recreation of the movie theater experience. Runco displays offer connections on their units helpful for custom home integrators.

California Audio Technology

CAT offers high end custom speakers that we have found to be superior for custom theater applications, audiophile listening rooms, custom wood and finish matching bookshelf speakers, and custom-fit applications.

Newport Audio

Newport Audio is CAT’s less expensive line, but features the same technology as their flagship products. These have been our staple for excellent whole-house and in-wall speaker applications.

Triad Audio

When we need an innovative solution for a surround sound room, Triad Audio is where we turn. We have found their in-ceiling directional LCR and surround speakers very useful when speaker placement is difficult or not available for in-wall or on the display. We also use Triad when speakers are meant to be hidden in the room. The grilles can be painted to match the wall color. Triad also has excellent in-wall subwoofers that do not protrude into the room and can be placed in discrete areas.


Space is not always possible for three individual left, center, and right speakers in a surround sound room when placed around a television display. Artison has a unique pair of speakers that mount on the sides of the television display, and have grilles that match the display in size and color. These speakers also feature built-in center channel speakers, so no additional center channel speaker is necessary.

Monitor Audio

We have been using Monitor Audio products because they offer an excellent product for the price.


For home theaters, fantastic sound while playing recordings and broadcasts as they were meant to be heard is extremely important. We have used ADA’s pre-amplifiers in our home theaters for clean and natural surround sound free of artifacts and noise.

Symetrix Audio

Recommended by California Audio Technology’s audio calibrators, we have incorporated the Symmetrix Digital Sound Processors (DSP) into our CAT home theaters. This equipment helps process and tune the room to the exact specifications desired by CAT’s audio calibrators.


VisionArt utilizes museum-quality prints and hand-made frames to conceal flat panel televisions when they are not being used.


Chesapeake Smart Homes has found the Kaleidescape entertainment servers to be among the world’s best for storing and easily managing movie and music collections. We have had excellent reliability with the servers and have very satisfied clients with the entire system.


Litetouch lighting control systems use stylish keypads instead of light switches throughout a home. These keypads have custom engraved buttons to control any individual lights or scenes that include multiple lights in a room, area, or entire house.

Control is handled through a central control unit (CCU) that receives information from the keypad button presses, processes the commands, and transmits the signals to control modules that are linked to specific lighting loads and fixtures.

Changes are easily made to button labels and button programming, so the end user can determine exactly how the controls fit their lifestyle.

Chesapeake Smart Homes typically installs the Coastal style keypads due to the elegant style, easy to read buttons, color options, and bright LED backlights.


We have found Yamaha AV receivers, DVD players, and Blu-ray players to have exceptional quality and reliability. Yamaha caters to the custom integration market by providing connections for ease of control and programming. Yamaha continues to offer new advances in technology and have some unique digital sound projectors, perfect for surround sound applications where space and speaker placement is limited or not possible.

HAI Security

Chesapeake Smart Homes has used HAI for security systems for many years. Their security boards allow for very large and complex systems, internet and phone access, and complete integration with our control systems.


Speco technologies have a broad range of security cameras and Digital Video Recording (DVR) devices used for viewing client’s property for monitoring and security purposes. We often place cameras at main entrance areas, such as doors and gates, and trigger the camera picture to appear on televisions and touch screens when a doorbell or entry button is pressed. The DVR devices record upon motion and store this data for the client to review or use for security purposes. Internet access is easily achieved to view your home’s cameras from any location.

Richard Gray Power

Maintaining an electrical environment within a home system is crucial for reliability, filtering, and product protection. RGPC has a wide range of products for different applications, and we have had great experiences with their products.


A wine collection management software with many features to catalog and organize in conjuction with touch screen controls.

Berkline Furniture

Available in many colors, sizes, features, and configurations; an excellent choice for home theater seating.

CinemaTech Furniture

High-end theater seating.

Cineak Seating and Acoustic Panels

Top of the line luxury theater seating, lounge seating, and acoustic design panels.

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